So glad you are coming in for BERENSTAIN BEARS, LIVE! with Matt Murphy Productions. The sides are to the left. Just click on the side, print and prepare...

You will sing first - 16 bars of a uptempo musical theatre song that shows range and personality.  Have your book with you, incase you are asked for another song. You may or may not be asked to read, but definitely have the sides on hand, just in case. Please remember to bring a recent headshot and resume stapled together and arrive a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork.

A few tips with the sides: Gran and Gramps Bear are old, but fire-cracker old. They have pep! In the Mama Bear packet, please prepare also "Teacher Jane" starting from the line "Before the bell rings..." Make Teacher Jane VERY different from Mama - think of her as a burnt out, "over it" teacher. In the Gran Bear packet, Dr. Grizzly is a "Celebrity Dr." Over the top - loves herself - people are applauding after every line she says! For Brother Bear - make sure you keep him optimistic - though the sides indicate he's upset or angry - he handles all of his problems with a smile and just tries to get through! For Papa Bear, think a big lovable goofball -still a big kid - Homer Simpson-ish. In the Gramps packets - Freddie LOVES Brother Bear - he is very hyper...he can't sit still! Hope this is all helpful information as you prepare! :)

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns, otherwise we look forward to seeing you in Bear Country (Pearl Studios) soon.