CONVICTED (A new play)

Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

Theatre at the 14th St. Y, NYC

AEA showcase code



Producer/Writer: Riley Thomas

Directed By: TBD

Casting: HDB Casting


Auditions: Friday, June 16th & Saturday, June 17th

Callbacks: TBD

Rehearsals: July TBD
Performances: Friday, August 4th at 1230PM, Friday, August 11th at 730PM & Monday, August 14th at 4:00PM

Payrate: $400 stipend (AEA Showcase Code)


CONVICTED, a new play by Riley Thomas, begins with a brutal murder and follows Amy, the key witness, as she helps the detective put together the reasons behind the heinous crime. CONVICTED will be featured in the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival.


Note: We are seeking all ethnicities for all roles. Union or Non-Union.




AMY: (Female, 30s/40s, Any Ethnicity) Local Director of an LGBT advocacy organization. Insightful, playful, compassionate, intelligent. A champion of everyone but herself, no one is going to slip through the cracks on her watch. Could be the boss of any room she walks into, but hasn’t quite figured that out yet. She believes in people.


RYAN: (Male, 20s, Any Ethnicity) A felon convicted of several non-violent crimes. Stoic, reserved, loner. His icy exterior is betrayed by a deep (if slightly skewed) sense of empathy and justice. He’s been damaged and hasn’t quite healed, but won’t admit that to anyone. Though he doesn’t know himself that well, he believes in only himself.


MICHAEL: (Male, 40s+, Any Ethnicity) Regional Director of an LGBT advocacy organization. Authoritative. The consummate boss, but still with a spark of humanity. The one who always has to clean up the messes. He has trouble dealing with people. He believes in institutions and ideas.


TOPHER: (Male, 12, Any Ethnicity ) A sweet, earnest, budding young homosexual. Pure as driven snow. Surprisingly well adjusted, considering his situation. He doesn’t know what he believes.


JUDITH (Female, 30s, Any Ethnicity) Sharp, controlled, extremely religious, yet nowhere near a caricature. She’s strongest when she uses her considerable logic to support her faith. She believes in God.


BLAIR (Female, 30s+, Any Ethnicity) Counsel for an LGBT advocacy organization. Imposing, dominant, a flair for the dramatic. She believes that all law is theatre. A fierce feminist and LGBT advocate. She believes in justice.


SHANNON (Female, 30s+, Any Ethnicity) Assistant District Attorney. Inquisitive, intuitive, resourceful. Though she will not equivocate once she comes to a decision, she isn’t comfortable proceeding without all the facts. She believes in law.


CLEMENZA (Male/Female, 30s+, Any Ethnicity) The archetypical detective. Seen it all, skeptical, by the book. Believes in order.