Non-Union Theatre
NON-UNION / $50 per show 

Artistic Director: Stephen Sunderlin
Director: Michael Schloegl
Casting Director: HDB Casting
Book and Lyrics: Sammy Buck
Music: Daniel S. Acquisto

Auditions: August 18th by appointment only
Callbacks: August 20th, as needed
Rehearses: Sept. 6th - Sept. 18th (Mon-Friday, 10am-2pm *there may be weekend rehearsals, based on cast availability)
Tech: Sept. 19th-Sept. 23rd (10am-5pm)
Performances: Sept. 24th - Dec. 6th, Saturdays at 11am & 1pm
Location: Vital Theatre Company—Theatre at Blessed Sacrament
Payrate: $50 Per show & $200 rehearsal stipend


Vital Theatre Company is seeking strong singers with dynamic personalities for the revival of their off-Broadway award winning show of 2012, STINKYKIDS, THE MUSICAL. Non-union performers only. All roles are for adult actors--not seeing children.

StinkyKid Britt never gets in trouble and loves making everyone happy! She's convinced her parents to take her friends Max, Hannah, Jen, Johnny, and Billy to the opening of the new MegaJumper 3000. But when Britt gets a massive wad of gum stuck in her hair, she must rely on her friends to help her get out of the sticky situation before her parents find out and cancel the trip!
StinkyKids the Musical is based on the award winning StinkyKids® books and StinkyKids ® characters: little stinKers who learn to make right choices through their childhood mistakes and live by the motto "Always be a leader of good."®

Performances are Sept. 24th - Dec. 6th- Saturdays at 11am & 1pm. Performers receive a $50 per show, $200 .

All ethnicities encouraged to submit. Adult actors only. Strong singers with personality.


BRITT (Female - Any Ethnicity) Adult actress to play 6. Britt loves bubble gum...maybe too much. Britt, who always does the right thing, is in a sticky bind--after disregarding her parent’s advice, she wakes up with gum stuck in her beautiful red hair! Britt who is “People Pleaser” who always puts others first, finally lets down her guard. Strong Singer - Contemporary belt/mix with pop sensibility. Mezzo-soprano.

JEN (Female - Any Ethnicity) Adult actress to play 6. Jen is a bit of a princess. She loves ballet, singing, strawberries and her friend Britt. She makes a few poor decisions in the process of helping Britt with her gum dilemma. Jen is desperately fighting to be Britt’s “BFF”. Great comedic timing - think “Elle Woods”. Strong Singer - Contemporary belt/mix with pop sensibility. Mezzo-Soprano.

HANNAH (Female - Asian) Adult actress to play 6. Hannah is a smart and savy friend of Britt’s who is hoping to be a wedding dress designer when she grows up (like Vivian Wu). She is trying to outsmart Jen to become the official “BFF” of Britt. She is very ethical, super bossy and highly allergic to peanuts.  Comically controlling of the situation. Strong Singer - Contemporary belt/mix with pop sensibility. Alto.

MAX (Male - Any Ethnicity) Adult actor to play 6. Max loves soccer and sports and getting into trouble. He volunteers at an old folks home and has befriended someone who gives out some terrific advice on how to do the right thing, which he always shares with his friends. He is the literal minded “heart” of his group of friends. A bit of a straight man to their zanny antics. Strong singer - Contemporary Musical Theatre with pop sensibility. Tenor.

JOHNNY (Male - Any Ethnicity) Adult actor to play 6. Johnny is the neighborhood prankster who loves to be silly and make his friends laugh. He definitely has a future as a stand up comedian and likes to make funny noises with his hands and underarms! He may be the most impulsive and “larger than life” character among his Stinky Kid friends. Strong Singer - Contemporary Musical Theatre with pop sensibility. Tenor/Bari-tenor.

BILLY (Male - African American) Adult actor to play 6. Billy is a brainy and creative inventor! He loves video games and his chemistry set. To help Britt, he may be able to concoct a solution in his Lab. Billy is resourceful and cunning -- a born scientist. Strong Singer - Contemporary Musical Theatre with pop sensibility. Tenor/Bari-tenor.


I LOVED this show last time...the cast was adorable and brilliant!!! Don't miss your chance to be a part of the STINKY KIDS & VITAL THEATRE FAMILY!!! Submit to me at Auditions are on August 18th, by appointment!!! Now enjoy watching Britt's friend's try to help her get the gum out of her hair....