Off-Broadway & Touring Companies
Venue: The 777 Theatre (8th Ave & 47th St.)
Off-Broadway Per Performance Agreement
($82/show; $16/hr for rehearsals)
AEA LOA Per Performances Touring Agreement
($80/show; $25/per diem; $16/hr for rehearsals)


Producr: Matt Murphy Productions
Director: Tim Ducker
Written by Matt Murphy
Based on the book by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman
Casting Director: Holly Buczek, HDB Casting


Rehearsals: March 3rd – 18th, TBD
Performances: Every Saturday at 7pm and 9:30pm beginning March 19 in NYC, plus possible touring shows (short tours) in San Antonio March 17 - 19 and in Kalamazoo April 21 - 23.
Auditions: Monday, February 29th – by appointment

SEX TIPS is the hilarious hit comedy based on the international best-selling book of the same title. Set in a ‘Meet the Author’ format, straight-laced moderator Robyn and boundary-pushing author Dan welcome audiences into a fun-filled world of foolproof moves, filter-free observations and insider advice that could only be shared between the closest of companions: a woman and her gay best friend.



[STEFAN] Male, 20s-30s, Any Ethnicity. Eastern European hunk/grad student. Well-built, chiseled physique, ruggedly handsome. Stefan serves as the stage assistant for the author events, but Dan makes him assist as the model, too.  Smart and sweet, but doesn’t have the best grasp on the English language. Unwittingly seduces everyone around him. Spends some of his stage time shirtless, and he likes it. Must be comfortable doing a striptease down to his underwear. Improv skills a plus.

[ROBYN] Female, late 20’s-30’s, Any Ethnicity.  The tentative moderator, thrust into the spotlight. Shy and sexually repressed, Robyn prefers analysis over feelings and is initially uncomfortable discussing Dan’s tips in a public format. Smart, successful and driven, she is the type that always colors within the lines and tries to hide her unique sense of humor. However, it is clear that all she needs is a little push in the right direction to let her inner wild woman out. Improv skills a plus as well as strong comedy background.