Musicals Tonight! Inc.           
Equity Seasonal Showcase - $680 stipend
VT: Theatre Row Theatre – 410 West 42nd

Producer: Mel Miller
Director: Norbert Joerder (Out Of This World)
Director: Casey Colgan (Oh, Kay!)
Music Director: James Stenborg  (Oh, Kay!)
Music Director: David Bishop (Out Of This World)

Auditions: 9/14, 9/15 by appointment only
Callbacks: week of 9/21 as needed

Please email submissions to to be considered for an appointment. Please note: if you are an alumni of Musicals Tonight, definitely submit if you are interested, though we may only contact you if we need to see you for callbacks.

Rehearsal Schedule: Musicals Tonight shows rehearse for only two weeks prior to opening. NO PERFORMER is called to every rehearsal. There is not one day per week when every performer is off BUT every performer gets at least one day off per week.   Rehearsals are from 6pm-10pm during the week and from 11am-5pm on the weekends.  The Sunday before opening and the Monday before opening are MANDATORY rehearsalsPerformances: Each production runs two weeks – There are 8 shows per week for two consecutive weeks - Evenings at 7:30 (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat) and Matinees at 2:00 (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun).

Seeking performers of all ethnicities for the following TWO shows:

OH, KAY! (1926)
Book: Guy Bolton & P.G. Wodehouse
Music: George Gershwin
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin
Director: Casey Colgan
Music Director:  James Stenborg
Rehearsals Begin: September 28th, 2015
Show Runs: October 13th – October 25th

 Synopsis: George and Ira Gershwin's mad-cap Prohibition Era comedy returns to New York in this Theatre Row revival. Concerning the adventures of two English nobles who've become bootleggers, and Jimmy Winter, the notorious ex-playboy who's Long Island mansion they 'borrow' for their operation's headquarters, Oh, Kay! contains some Gershwin classics such as 'Clap Yo' hands' and 'Someone to Watch Over Me' as well as enough razzmatazz to transport you straight back to the heady world of the Roaring Twenties- Gatsby this ain't!

Time: 1920s
Place: Long Island Shore


SHORTY MCGEE: Male, any age.  A smart-ass, comical bootlegger who can be a bit clownish, but lovable. Strong actor/singer with excellent comedic timing. Think Cosmo Brown meets Abbot and Costello. Adept with both Cockney and Italian mob-ish accents. Excellent mover. Character singer – Limited singing

JIMMY WINTERS: Male, 20s – 30s. Handsome, leading man in a new marriage who unknowingly has bootleggers residing in his beach house. He’s a bit of a playboy. Must have excellent comedic timing – Jimmy carries the show. High Baritone

LARRY POTTER: Male, 20s – 30s.  Another fun, comical bootlegger residing in the home of Jimmy Winters. A “refined” crook – snappy and collegiate. Strong dancer/singer with excellent comedic timing. Tap dance a plus -  Baritone or Low Tenor

DUKE OF DURHAM: Male, Mid 30s-40s. An upper crust, refined aristocratic English bootlegger and brother of Lady Kay. Strong actor with refined style, but an animated delivery and high British accent. Singing a plus

LADY KATHERINE POPHAM (KAY): Female 20s-30s. “Everybody’s Gal” – an Eliza Doolittle in reverse. Fun and loveable aristocratic British woman, who pretends to be Cockney, though she is actually sister of the “Duke”. Strong Singer adept with high British and Cockney accents.  Good mover - Soprano

CONSTANCE APPLETON: Female, 20s. The “chilly” new bride of Jimmy Winters. She is tall, beautiful, perfectly dressed and highly contained. Limited singing. Soprano

JUDGE APPLETON: Male 50s. Constance’s stodgy and intimidating, yet regal father. Baritone

DOLLY RUXTON: Female, 20s. Adorable, young dancer/singer. Twin to Phil(lipa). Confusion about the twins creates some hi-jinx throughout the show. Soprano

PHIL RUXTON: Female, 20s. Adorable, young dancer/singer. Twin to Dolly. Confusion about the twins creates some hi-jinx throughout the show. Excellent dancer - Soprano or Mezzo Soprano

REVENUE OFFICER JANSEN: Male, 40s–50s. Excellent comedian with broad Vaudevillian sensibilities. Confident with both physical and deadpan comedic delivery. Non-singing role - singing a plus

ENSEMBLE MEN: Male, 20s-30s. Seeking 4 men of varying age and type to cover ensemble roles. Strong singer/dancers with personality. Various vocal types

ENSEMBLE WOMEN: Female, 20s-30s . Seeking 4 spirited, young singer/dancers to cover multiple ensemble roles. Excellent dancers - Various vocal types


Book: Dwight Taylor& Reginald Lawrence
Music & Lyrics: Cole Porter
Director:  Norbert Joerder
Music Director:  David Bishop
Rehearsals Begin: October 13th, 2015
Show Runs: October 27th-November 8th, 2015

Synopsis: Jupiter, father of the gods, has decided that Helen Kenyon, a fair American mortal, will be his latest conquest, to the consternation of his wife, Juno.  Their son, Mercury, escorts Helen to an inn near Athens, where Jupiter woos her in the guise of her husband, Art.  The next day, Helen realizes she has been deceived; meeting the god face to face, she rejects his offer of immortality, insisting that her husband's love is all she needs.  Throw into the mix, Niki Skolianos, American gangster turned innkeeper, who trades barbs with Juno in her mortal disguise, and Niko's ambitious niece, Chloe, providing a love interest for Mercury. Featuring songs by Cole Porter, including “Where, Oh Where?”, “They Couldn’t Compare To You”, “I Am Loved”, “No Lover For Me” and “What Do You Think Of Men”.

Time:  1950s
Place:  Athens, and beyond….


JUNO: Female, 30s-40s. The statuesque but long-suffering wife of Jupiter.  Takes a time out from searching for her philandering God by having a fling with gangster Niki Skolianos. Quirky and lovable character actress. Comic Mezzo-Soprano.

HELEN: Female, 20s-30s. Our lead ingénue – but sophisticated enough to know how to make a martini. She is a newly wed to Art O’Malley, but also a target of the visiting God’s affections. Leading lady looks and voice. Soprano with a rich, warm Mid-range.

MERCURY/MR. SIMPSON: Male, 20s. He is the slick son of Juno – a real hep-cat and a bit of a playboy. He is sent to earth by Jupiter to hunt for Helen. Strong, youthful singer/dancer with great comedic timing. Character Baritone/2nd Tenor.

NIKI SKOLIANOS: Male, 30s-40s. A Chicago style gangster, but with a Greek name. He is on the lam…in Greece! High energy character man. Character Baritone – Limited singing.

CHLOE SKOLIANOS: Female, 20s. Niki’s flirtatious niece. She takes a liking to Mercury. Strong, youthful singer/dancer with great comedic timing. Young Leading Soprano

JUPITER: Male, 30s-40s. He should be God-like in looks, since he is not mortal. He sends Mercury on a hunt for Helen, who he desires. Through his Godly powers he is able to manipulate activities down on earth. Strong singer with commanding presence. This track may double as Art. Classic Cole Porter Leading Man Baritone.

ART O’ MALLEY: Male, 30s.  Husband of Helen; a news-hound on the hunt for the whereabouts of Niki Skoliano. Art should be a mortal “earthly” version of Jupiter. Strong singer with commanding presence. This track may double as Jupiter. Classic Cole Porter Leading Man Baritone.

ENSEMBLE: Male/Female, Mid 20s. Strong singer/dancers with great personality. Varying physical and musical types.