V/T: Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
Producer: Matt Murphy Productions

For tour: $400/wk, $20.00/day per diem, hotels and transportation provided (pro-rated for short/half weeks)
For NY or Local shows: $55/show, $40 for any additional shows on the same day
For Rehearsal: $250 stipend, or $10 an hour for additional rehearsals after June 13th

Book: Michael Slade & Michael Borton                                                                
Music & Lyrics: Michael Borton
Original Director and Choreographer: Devanand Janki
Associate Director/Choreographer: Nancy Renee Braun
Casting Director: Holly Buczek, HDB Casting
Auditions:  Tuesday, July 28th– By appointment only
Callbacks:  Wednesday, July 29th – As needed

1st Rehearsal:  Put in rehearsals to begin immediately.  The put in process entails watching the show to learn the set up/strike and backstage tracks, AND an online rehearsal tutorial. Actor MUST be available August 13th – 21st for in person rehearsals. Actor will be responsible for learning the show independently before in-person rehearsals. Music rehearsal TBD and in-person put-in rehearsals with our associate director/choreographer also TBD, likely August 13th-21st. More rehearsals may be added to the schedule.

1st Performance:  Saturday, September 26th, 2015 (Subject to change)

Final Performance: Saturday, January 30th (Subject to change)

The Berenstain Bears LIVE! performs every Sat & Sun in NYC while not on tour. This show currently has both NYC & touring dates.

NYC dates: Sept. 26th @ 1pm, Sept. 27th @ 11am, Oct. 3rd @ 1pm, Oct. 4th @ 11am, Oct. 10th @ 1pm, Oct. 11th @ 11am, Nov. 13th @ 10:15am & 12pm, Nov. 14th @ 1:30pm,  Nov. 28th @ 11am, Nov. 29th @ 11am, Nov. 30th @ 11am, Dec. 12th @11am, Dec. 13th @ 11am, Dec. 19th @11am, Dec. 20th @ 11am, Dec. 21st @ 11am, Dec. 22nd @ 11am, Dec. 23rd @ 11am, Dec. 26th @ 11am & 2pm, Dec. 27th @11am & 2pm, Dec. 28th @ 11am, Dec. 29th @ 11am, Dec. 30th @ 11am, Jan. 2nd @ 11am, Jan 3rd @ 11am.

TOURING dates: October 13th -20th, November 15th – 22nd, January 9th – 30th.

Please note all dates are subject to change and touring dates and/or performances may be added.

IMPORTANT: Please note, while on tour, actors are responsible for driving the company tour van and car, and the travelling company will share hotel rooms.  Actors are also responsible for the set up/strike of each performance.




[BROTHER BEAR] A 4th grader (played by an adult) - Preferably 5’10 and under.  He is spunky, fun; the guy everybody wants to have on their team.  He loves sports (especially soccer and is a very good student.  It’s important to him to be the best at everything he does. Tenor. Up to a High A.

[MAMA BEAR] Warm, wise, and witty.  She’s the backbone of the Bear family.  She wants the best for her cubs and husband.  This track will also play Teacher Jane, a dedicated, strong teacher and “Strangers” - various people that Sister and Brother run into on their way to school. Soprano. Up to a C.

[GRAN BEAR, LIZZY, DOC GRIZZLY, SILLY GOOSE] Seeking a versatile comedic character actress with great range to play a variety of roles: Gran Bear, a feisty older lady (Papa’s Mother), who is full of energy and life. This track will also play Lizzy, a friend and classmate of Brother’s who is the smartest girl in school and knows it and Doc Grizzly – the family’s doctor – a celebrity doctor. Also, Silly Goose.  Mezzo. Up to a C.

[GRAMPS BEAR, FREDDY, WILY FOX]  Seeking a versatile comedic character actor to play a variety of roles: Gramps Bear - a wise old man, country not city.  Gramps loves his wife and family.  This track also plays Freddy, the cousin and classmate to Brother - he is not as good as Brother at soccer, school, or anything else, but what he lacks in competence, he makes up for in energy.   Also, Wily Fox. Baritone.

[PAPA BEAR]  A big kid at heart think Ralph Cramden.  He loves his family very much, but doesn’t always think everything through.  This track will also play Coach Bruin, the soccer coach/gym teacher and  “Strangers”  - various people that Sister and Brother run into on their way to school. Vocal Range: Baritone. Up to the F above middle C.

AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on TUES. July 28th with CALLBACKS on WED. July 29th. PLEASE E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS to or for an appointment.