Twinkle Tames A Dragon, The Musical

Non-Union Theatre

V/T: Vital Theatre/Theatre at Blessed Sacrament, 152 West 71st St.

Artistic Director: Stephen SunderlinDirector: TBD

Book: Cara Lustik & Katharine Holabird

Book & Lyrics: Matthew Hardy

Music: Randy Klein

Based on the Book by: Katharine Holabird & Sarah Warburton

Musical Director: Jaime Clegg

Casting Director: Holly Buczek, HDB Casting


Auditions: Friday, December 4th

Callbacks: Monday, December 7th

Payrate: $200 Rehearsal Stipend, $50 per performance

Rehearses: December 14th – January 15th, weekdays

Performance Period:  January 16th  – February 21stSaturdays and Sundays at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

Location: Theatre At Blessed Sacrament, 152 West 71st Street



***We will not be accepting hardcopy submissions or phone calls to the Vital Office.


Award winning, Vital Theatre Company, of Angelina Ballerina! The Musical and Pinkalicious! The Musical, seek a cast of strong actor/singers with spunk, charm, and brilliant comedic timing, for the new musical TWINKLE TAMES A DRAGON, The Musical.


 From Katharine Holabird, the author of the classic book series Angelina Ballerina, comes a brand new show for all those who love faries, friendship, dragons and fun! Twinkle has always wanted a pet and is thrilled when Fairy Godmother grants her wish. While her friends get cute little pets, a naughty pet dragon named Scruffy is NOT what Twinkle had in mind! Can Twinkle tame her dragon in time for Fairy Pet Day?





TWINKLE: Female, 20s to play young fairy. 5’4 or shorter Twinkle is a loveable, scatterbrained, wild-haired little fairy, who often gets her spells mixed up, and wears her emotions on her wings. She puts her full energy into everything she does. While she can be a bit over enthusiastic and impulsive, Twinkle always tries her best. She gets very frustrated when her best isn’t good enough, but bravely carries on. Mezzo Sop Belt-mix with personality and pop-rock flair. Must be able to hold tight harmonies.


PIPPA: African American Female, 20s to play young fairy. 5’5 or shorter. Pippa is a smart fairy that always gets her spells right. Top of the class, she is the self- appointed teacher, always trying to show Twinkle the right way to do a spell. She can be a bit of a smart aleck with a wicked sense of humor. Contemporary Alto belt-mix with pop-rock flair. Must be able to hold tight harmonies.


LULU: Female, 20s to young fairy. 5’5 or shorter. Lulu is one of Twinkle’s best friends. She is very girly - loves fairy fashions, glittery ribbons, dancing. A natural cheerleader, Lulu thinks it’s great being a fairy and loves casting spells. Lulu can be a bit of a show-off and always wants to win. Contemporary MT Soprano with strong belt and pop sensibility. Must be able to hold tight harmonies.


FAIRY GODMOTHER: Female, 20s to play Fairy Queen. Fairy Godmother is the grand dame of Fairyland, a regal monarch who floats about with an air of majesty. A caring teacher, she loves all her little fairies as if they were her own children. Fairy Godmother has a special soft spot for Twinkle, because she knows Twinkle will always try her hardest. Contemporary Musical Theatre Mezzo-Sop with warmth.


SCRUFFY (The Dragon): Male, 20s to play baby dragon with attitude. 5’9 or shorter. Scruffy is a little dragon with a big heart. Like a puppy, Scruffy is dirty, messy, naughty and stubborn, but very affectionate. Scruffy is learning his world and how to be a dragon – he still needs a lot of taming! With green and purple spots, most fairies think Scruffy is ugly, but Twinkle learns to love him just as he is. Actor must have great physical comedy instincts. Rock tenor with growl and pop sensibility.